Why IP Video?

The short answer is “opportunity.” As the physical security industry transitions to networked, intelligent video, IP technology is creating new growth opportunities for IT, VARs and system integrators.

As video surveillance converges with IT, solutions based on open IT standards are getting smarter, more scalable, and vastly more capable. The widening scope of physical security creates new opportunities for IT professionals and security vendors to add value, build business profit, and attract new customers.

Now is the time to seize this new opportunity by embracing the power of intelligent open platforms.SecurePodTM is ready to help you harness the quality of HD video, the scalability, flexibility and future-proof performance of connected intelligent systems, while preserving existing infrastructure.

Intelligent IP video is opening new opportunities for you to build your business, add new customers and generate new recurring revenue through value-added services.

Look to SecurePod for the solutions, training and support you need.